What Are Classic Car Credits?

Welcome to American's Classic Car Credits! When is the last time you recommended a movie or restaurant to a friend? Did you receive a reward or even a thank you? At American Classics and Hot Rods, we reward our friends for sending us cars to sell, buy or consign. And the reward of Classic Car Credits can be used at the American Online Store or be saved up towards a downpayment on a Classic Car!  Check out our online store to see what you can use your Classic Car Credits for.

The program is simple and straightforward. When you refer someone that either buys or sells a Classic Car, you earn CCC's that go into a Classic Car Bank. You can always check your account to see how many CCC's you have. CCC's are awarded after the purchase by American or the sale you referred is finalized and all funds are cleared.

The CCC rewards are as follows:

0 - $25,000  = 100 CCC

$25,001 - $50,000 = 150 CCC

$50,000 or more = 200 CCC

To submit your referral for a sale, consignment or purchase, please click here and provide us with a detailed description.