Do you offer shipping?

American has shipped thousands of Classics and has a vast network of shippers we can provide. We have a company that we refer to and have been using for years. Please see our shipping tab at the top of the page.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We recommend using Jerry’s Classic Car Financing in Portland, Oregon for financing classic cars. We also recommend working through our finance department as you will get a quicker response. Please see our financing tab at the top of the page.

How will I know I will get a car and title after sending my money?

American is a licensed, bonded dealership. We also suggest calling the state to verify a dealership is legit and has a current license. By buying from a licensed, bonded dealership you are guaranteed a car and a clear title. 

Why are American Buyers of Classic Cars so affordable?

American vehicles are all owned by us or carefully considered consignments. This allows us to control our pricing, hand pick every car we have and ultimately offer the best deal available.

Does Classic Car Liquidators do consignments?

Yes.  But, at American we know a cars fair value. We are willing to step up to the plate and buy our cars. If we think that a car is priced right and will sell then we purchase it ourselves. This allows us to control our pricing and pass the savings on to the customer.  We don’t take just any consignments.  If a seller is unreasonable on their perception on the value, we simply are not interested.

Does American restore classic cars?

NO. American is building North Americans premier Classic Car Dealership that specializes in the sales of classic and muscle cars not restorations. We do have some restoration experts that we recommend if needed.

Are deposits refundable?

NO. All deposits we take on our cars are nonrefundable. Please make sure you are 100% sure of your purchase, have all of your funding ready and have done all of your due diligence before making a deal or leaving a deposit.  American will always stick to its word when making a deal and we expect the same from our customers.

Can I inspect the car in person or set up a third party inspector?

Yes. We always recommend coming to see the car in person or having it inspected. American will always do its best to answer all of your questions and thoroughly describe the car but your eyes are always best.

How do I know the ad I'm looking at is not a scam?

We always recommend doing research on any person or company you are buying from. If it is a dealership call the state and verify it is a licensed, legit company. Good rule of thumb is if it is too good to be true it usually is, unless of course it is at www.americanbuyersofclassiccars.com :)

Can I drive this car back to my state?

American always recommends having your classic shipped. The place to get familiar with any 40 year old classic is near your home, not on a 1000 mile road trip. With that being said we will be happy to thoroughly check over the car before you embark on your trip if you do choose to do so.

What are your business hours and are you open on weekends?

American’s normal business hours are 9-6 Monday-Friday and we take appointments on the weekends.  We have a showroom in Mankato, Minnesota and one in Greeneville, Tennessee.  Our third showroom will soon open in Portland, Or.

How do you take payment?

We will take a non-refundable $500 deposit via credit or bank card, Paypal and the balance is due within 7 days via bank wire or cashier's check. We prefer bank wire as it is very secure and no holds will be placed on the funds.

Are all of American cars restored?

NO. We do get in many fully restored cars but American specializes in affordable, popular drivers that are obtainable for everyone. We try to keep a wide variety ranging from restored to projects.

Do you take trade ins?

American loves to take trade ins, please email us pictures, information and price of your trade and we will let you know.  A form is available on our website.

Do you buy cars?

At American we purchase cars daily. If you are wanting to sell your car please email us pictures, information and asking price and we will let you know the next steps.

Are all of your cars on the website?

NO. We try to get our vehicles listed on the website as quick as we can but usually many cars that are not advertised. Further, American has a vast network of Classics in garages all over North American waiting for new homes.  Please see our new arrivals tab under inventory to get a glimpse of new inventory that has not been advertised yet.