Why Buy From American Classics and Hot Rods

Buying the Classic Car of your dreams is a very big decision for most of us.  Nothing is more disappointing than having your dream car delivered only finding the sellers over promised and under delivered.  You can buy, sell, trade and consign with confidence with American.  We are car people serving car people.

300 Classic & High Performance Cars In Our inventory

450  Classic & Collector Cars Sold Worldwide in 2014


Standard of Excellence

Each Classic Sold by American is evaluated in the following areas. If a section of the automobile is not up to the highest standards, you will know in advance. These Classics are 30, 40, 50 years old and more. Not every Classic is a level 1 restoration. We pay for what we purchase.


The exterior of a car is the first thing we see and appreciate about a Classic Car. Whether it is a fully restored car or an original survivor, the following aspects of the outside are evaluated and graded. Straight body panels, gaps and show-quality paint are often signs that a car has been built with a high standard in mind. That's why our team begins the American Standard of Excellence process by examining the exterior to make sure:

• The quality of paint is free of significant flaws such as large scratches, cracks or discoloration.
• Body parts have even gaps all around.
• Trim is free of significant dents, scratches and chips.
• Quality of Chrome.
• Glass is free of cracks, scratches and pitting.
• Even the Wiper blades condition.

Once these standards are rated, basic functionality is next. Our team goes over all the exterior items to determine:

• Hood latches and hinges work properly.
• Door handles are functional and doors shut and lock correctly.
• Windshield wipers and washers operate correctly.
• Convertible or removable tops are present and in working order.
• Trunk latches and hinges operate as they should.


Exterior is large part of a car's appeal. But, the drive train is kind of important too! Whether we are talking a 426 Hemi, a 283 Chevy or a fuel injected Corvette, we want to make sure our customers get reliable performance, our Standard of Excellence process covers all the basics to ensure:

• The car starts and idles properly.
• All seals and gaskets are free from major leaks.
• All fluid levels are checked and at the correct level.
• The air conditioning is operational (if applicable).
• All exhaust components are properly working.
• The battery and charging system work well.


These cars are not trophy’s. Most of our customers like to drive their cars – not just off the trailer but out on the roads. In order to make sure the cars we sell offer a proper driving experience, our technicians do a visual check up of the chassis to ensure reliability, safety and solid performance. We begin with a visual inspection to note items such as corrosion, loose fasteners or improperly routed lines. If everything appears sound, suspension and steering is up next. Again, the tech goes through the car to ensure:

• All basic suspension components are installed correctly.
• Bushings show minimal wear.
• Grease fittings are lubricated.
• Power steering fluid is checked and topped off (if applicable).
• Commonly loosened bolts/fittings are tightened.
• Steering does not pull.
• Steering wheel is centered.
• Brakes are functional with all components in good working order.

Brakes are one of the best places to spend when building a high performance car. From vacuum drum brakes to huge power discs, we go through all of them to make sure they are fully operational, free from major leaks and road ready. Wheels and tires are also inspected for damage or irregular wear of any kind.

If there is an issue, it will be noted so there are no surprise issues when you get home.


The inspection is almost over with one final subject to our process: the interior. It's where you'll spend the most time, so go it is important to make sure that time inside will be enjoyable and trouble free. Among other items, our interior checklist ensures:

• The horn functions.
• Windows roll up and down and have good seals.
• Seats that adjust properly and remain in place.
• Seat belts that are in good working order.
• Functional heater and defrosting system as well as air conditioning.
• Operational courtesy lights and hand controls are checked.
• Floor and trunk mats are in place.
• Spare tire, jack, hold down, lug wrench and inflator present.